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Our Services

Our Services, Chicago Midwest Claims, Inc. 

Do you like the convenience of major independent firms that have a central 800 number to call after hours, but don't like response or quality of work or product? There's only one number you need to know in the Chicago Metro area. We at Chicago Midwest Claims, Inc., always have you covered, not only with our quality adjusters, but make sure at all times we are available 24 hours a day.

We supervise, direct and oversee each and every claim assignment, in addition to the adjuster assigned to a file, to troubleshoot situations as they occur at no cost to the file, and make sure that the best possible claim handling occurs in the early hours of an investigation when evidence and witnesses are still fresh, in addition to constant communication with our clients during those critical times.

Your after-hours needs go right to the source to our management and adjusters "on call" with no delay in response time talking to and waiting for the answering service to make the connection. Our rates are very competitive in the industry.

Our staff are salaried employees with company cars, equipment, etc.   Adjusters have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the industry handling claims in our field. Although a large amount of our business is the Interstate / Intrastate trucking casualty field and associated claims, we also handle general liability, auto, and limited workman's compensation investigations. We also use a network of independent appraisers (light & heavy duty) and other specialists associated in our field of work.

One of our major clients is a leader in the insurance field specializing in coverage for the trucking industry, and we have represented them in our area for over 40 years. They, in addition to other clients, self-insured accounts, and carriers have requested our services and we are well aware of the need for quick response to serious loss investigations and to evaluate the exposure at hand, in addition to the day in and day out claims that commonly occur and the exposure in our field. Upon request we would be happy to supply any references you require.

All highways lead to Chicago Midwest Claims, Inc. for your casualty claims needs in the trucking industry and auto claims - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!